Banana Dream Meaning

Have you ever woke up in the morning and asked yourself what do bananas mean in a dream? Banana dream meaning might sound funny, but it could contain a message for you. However, keep in mind that the overall interpretation depends on the plot or context of your dream. I will try to help you interpret the meaning of your dreams.

Generally, dreams about fruits symbolize satisfaction and devotion. If you have dreamt about bananas recently, it represents passion and fertility. In most cases, dreams involving bananas mean you are thinking about a sexual encounter that you recently had.

Banana dreams are often interpreted sexually because of their shape, but they can have a deeper meaning than you anticipate. In this post, I will be explaining these dreams in detail. If you are interested to learn more about it, you should read this article until the end. It might help you to interpret your dream correctly.

Banana Dream Meaning: Things You Need To Know

Like I mentioned before, the banana dream meaning is often related to sexuality.

It hints at a sexual encounter that you are thinking about.

It is likely that it has something to do with the shape of this fruit

If you are a woman and see a banana in dream, it is time to review your nature towards others.

This dream shows that you are either overly affectionate or not affectionate enough. 

If you dream about eating bananas, it could mean a new professional opportunity.

But if you see decaying bananas, it indicates a possible dispute in business. 

Dreams about bananas could also be a sign of the bad productivity of the dreamer.

Dreaming about eating a banana might imply that your job is not giving you enough satisfaction and purpose in life.

If you don’t like bananas, it is a sign that the road to your success will be annoying and troublesome.

Bananas in dreams are also a symbol of joy. However, they are also associated with mating. They might reveal a secret passion you have.

Since bananas have a shape of a male organ, according to Sigmund Freud, having such a dream could indicate the influence that males have in your life.

  • If you are a woman

If you receive a banana from a male in a dream, it suggests his intentions for intimacy with you

  • If you are a man

Receiving a banana from a girl or a woman in dreams is a symbol of refusal of your desire for intimacy.

What Do Bananas Symbolize In Dreams?

So what do bananas symbolize in dreams? Let’s find that out.

Banana dream symbolism can vary depending on the things you see in your dream. I have explained some of the common symbolism and meanings below:

  • A Sign Of Energy

Bananas are one of the best sources of energy considering fruits and in dreams, they tend to represent your personal power. The state of bananas can project that very well.

If you see an old banana in the trash, for example, you surely are on the low end of your energy. If you see this dream, you should think about how you feel in your life. Energetic or tired?

  • Healthy Lifestyle

Dreaming about a banana can also be an indicator of your health. Your lifestyle needs to change in order for you to function properly.

Remember that your mind will also grow if you exercise your body.

  • Wealth And Fortune

Having a dream about bananas could mean that you are very productive, but might not be valued enough. Maybe it is time for a better job?

You need to think about your future investments and make better financial decisions.

If you see yourself eating a banana in dreams during a certain event, it means that you are confident about a situation. 

The Biblical Meaning Of Bananas In a Dream

Many of you also want to know the biblical meaning of dreaming about bananas. Even though it sounds weird, it can have a meaningful interpretation.

Banana dream meaning in the bible is associated with passion and fertility. It indicates your sex life.

Many others believe that the meaning of banana in your dreams indicates a dreamer’s finances. It suggests that you will have a good future and will enjoy your work.

It may also be an indication that you will resolve your issues soon. Since you have smart and trusty people around you, you can also expect a great deal of business success.

But selling bananas in dreams is taken as a negative sign in the bible. It is a forecast of the tough times that may arise in near future. It could be related to your work or private life.

This dream could be an indication of losing your wealth, so pay attention to your finances in your waking life.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Bananas In a Dream

After the biblical symbolism of bananas in dreams, let’s talk about the spiritual meaning of bananas in a dream.

Banana dream spiritual meaning is generally related to your erotic lifestyle. If you have been dreaming about this fruit often, it could suggest that you are having some sort of sexual resentment.

Your urges are not satisfied. So this dream could also be a sign of your feelings in a relationship you are currently involved. It means that you want to leave your companion.

If you are a woman dreaming about bananas, it is pointing out your erotic side. You have strong emotions for men.

If you see yourself eating a banana, it means that you want more attention from someone you know. 

If you are a man then the meaning of bananas in your dreams could suggest some type of job advancement. 

Eating Banana Dream Meaning Explained

eating yellow bananas in dream

Eating banana dream meaning can be taken as a positive sign in general. However, there are different interpretations for it. 

If you see yourself eating a banana in dream, it means that some positive things will soon happen to you.

This will bring you joy and satisfaction.

It could actually be more than one thing. These could be related to your workplace or romantic relationship.

So if you have recently dreamt of bananas, you should be happy about it.

However, if you dream of someone else eating a banana, it shows your thirst to find a new partner.

It means that you want to finally settle down or get married.

Others believe that dreaming of eating bananas represents a new business.

You will get involved in new business affairs. Sometimes, it also indicates that you are unable to conquer your goals.

Seeing a Yellow Banana In Dream

Seeing a yellow banana in dream is usually a sign of pleasure and delight. A yellow banana means a ripe banana. So whether you dream about a yellow banana or a ripe one, it means almost the same.

This dream indicates that you will probably have something new coming into your life soon.

If you see yourself eating yellow bananas in a dream, it means that you can expect new business propositions in the time ahead.

Sometimes, however, it can also mean that you will not be able to achieve everything you wanted to, despite all of your efforts. This is by no means meant as a failure!

Dreaming about a yellow banana signifies that you are satisfied and positive in your life. If you recently had a dream like this, it means that everything will turn up fine.

In general, seeing ripe or yellow bananas in dreams can be taken as a positive sign, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Ripe Banana Dream Meaning

Ripe banana dream meaning is different from eating a banana in your dreams. If you dreamt of something similar, you should pay attention to the explanation below:

Dreaming about eating a ripe banana symbolizes fertility. There are chances that you will soon get pregnant.

However, if you have a dream about carrying unripe bananas, it points out the bad relationship that you are currently in. The person you are involved with is clearly not your perfect partner.

Dreaming about rotten bananas can be associated with your inner self. You need to start working towards a better life to feel more satisfied.

But if your dream turns into a nightmare, it is definitely a negative sign. It means that you will receive some unpleasant news in your waking life.

You need to get rid of the dark energy that is surrounding you.

Green Banana Dream Meaning

Green banana dreams are often associated with the need for you to share your thoughts and beliefs with people around you.

It could also indicate that you should try and change your daily routines and reevaluate your priorities in life.

These dreams could be a sign of your thoughts and an innovative side of you. The pressure that you are feeling is actually adding to your creativity.

Seeing green bananas in dreams also signifies your character. You are connected with your inner self, however, you need to let yourself enjoy your life more.

This dream is also pointing out the relations you have with other people. Your need for attention is huge. Despite that, these dreams show that you are a follower.

You need to reevaluate what are the most important things in your life. Forget the small things, you need to focus on bigger goals in life.

This should affect your progress towards better living in a positive way. Your success will make you proud.

Black Banana Dream Meaning: Good or Bad?

To dream about black banana is quite rare. But it has a way deeper meaning than you would think.

The Black banana dream meaning is often associated with your ambitions and big ideas. It means you are on the right track to your goals.

You need to let your emotions out, however.

This dream could also be a sign of your shyness. Your emotions are stopping you to reach further.

On the other hand, it can be a message that you will meet a new romantic partner soon.

It is also a signal for you to cleanse yourself of bad habits and restructure your way of life. this dream should be an inspiration for you to start aiming higher and achieve more in your life.

White Banana Dream Meaning

White banana in dreams suggests that you are going through a lot of stress. You are unable to decide between the options you have. It may be also pointing out some foolish choices you made in your life.

This dream is showing you that there is a possibility for things to get better.

So if you dreamed of white bananas, it can suggest that you might have made some irresponsible decisions in your life. You are discovering your inner self.

You want to release yourself from popular beliefs and cultural pressure. 

Banana Tree Dream Meaning

A banana tree dream meaning is usually a representation of a life cycle. Your dream shows that you are being well organized at your job.

It could also be a sign of devotion and good company.

If you see a banana tree in your dreams, it could also be a sign of your feelings that you just cannot let go of. You feel like nobody understands you and you sense like you have been deceived.

It can also point out the spiritual nature you possess. This dream indicates comfort, fondness, and safety. It also suggests that you like to be in the spotlight a lot.

Banana Leaves Dream Meaning

Banana leaves dream meaning is showing your spiritual alignment and loyalty. Your attitude is not exactly positive. You need to turn your focus on the main things in your life.

This dream is a signal of power, toughness, and influence you have over others. You are close to being free of the control of other people.

Dream about banana leaf is pointing out your morality and inner strength. You should succeed in whatever job you currently have.

This dream can also be an intuition for your desire to be more social. Things are moving too fast in your life and that could upset you.

Banana Peel Spiritual Meaning In Dreams

banana peel dream meaning

Now let’s talk about the banana peel spiritual meaning in dreams. Banana peel dream meaning is an indication of your failures.

You need to look closely for the hidden messages in dreams and link that to problems you might have in waking life.

It could mean that your mind is disturbed by something.

Your desire to find solutions to problems is high, therefore it suggests that you are trying to sort out the important issues in your life.

The dream about Banana Peel is an indicator that you need to be more caring to others.

You need to gain control over your life back.

This dream indicates your readiness to work hard. You need to assume a new perspective on certain things in your life.

If you see yourself eating a banana peel in dreams, it means you are worried and unconfident.

Fear is dominating your mind and your self-confidence is low. That’s preventing you to reach new goals in life.

Banana Bread Dream Meaning

The Banana bread dream meaning is a sign of your mind blocking offers of help from others. You need to let people close to you help you in building your own life. It is the only way to achieve your end goal.

Eating banana bread in a dream could also represent someone you thought highly of. You need to use the knowledge you have and make the best use of it.

The Dream about banana bread also symbolizes your creativity, interests, and loyalty. You should let your feelings out and figure out what is really the most important thing in your life.

Something spectacular is probably waiting for you in your future, that will impact your life heavily. For women, this dream may even point out the need for being a mother.

Giving Banana To Someone In Dream

Giving a banana to someone in a dream suggests that something in the future will require a lot of your time and attention. It also means that you have accepted certain feelings, that were bothering you in the past.

Even tho you are feeling vulnerable and exposed, this dream also shows that you are positive and successful. You are on the right path towards your goals.

You respect the things that you have in your life, rather than things that you do not own. This dream indicates that you will soon experience a new change in life.

This will grant you reputation and acceptance among others.

This dream can also mean that you are finally ready to let go of your past. Someone close to you might be worth letting it go and keep moving on.

Receiving Banana In a Dream: What Does It Mean?

Receiving bananas in dreams is a sign of the development of your mind towards problems. You have loads of confidence in your knowledge and your skills.

This dream shows that you are honest and possess a fair amount of wisdom. It could also be a hint for fertility. You are ready to confront and accept your emotions.

The meaning of receiving a banana in dreams represents willpower, toughness, vigor, and bravery. You are finally happy in your relationship after a long period of agony. 

This dream is a sign of pleasure and peace in your living space.

Lots Of Bananas In Dream

Lots of bananas in dreams could be a positive sign for you if you are not seeing anyone at the moment. In that case, bananas may suggest an interesting person coming into your life soon.

Dreaming about lots of bananas for committed people indicates satisfaction and safety.

This dream could also mean that you need to find a solution to your problems. You will have new possibilities coming your way so pay attention.

Seeing a Banana In Dream During Pregnancy

Banana in dream during pregnancy could mean various things. If you dream of bananas during your pregnancy, it is typically an omen for a healthy baby boy.

If you dream of a lot of bananas while you are pregnant, it could indicate smooth and relatively painless baby delivery.

However, if you see yourself picking bananas in your dream, it is a sign of a beautiful child.

If you see yourself eating rotten bananas in your pregnancy, it suggests that something bad will happen to you.

But sometimes, a banana dream meaning while pregnant suggests that you may be unfortunate about your finances.

It could mean that you will lose some wealth if you are not careful.


Banana dream meaning can be both positive and negative notes to it. It all depends on what you see in your dreams. Factors like the color of the banana, the number of bananas, and your gender actually, all can change the meaning of your dream. I have tried to cover all the common banana dream interpretations. If you have any more questions, you can let me know.

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