Dream Of Being Ignored By Someone You Love

Being ignored is generally related to a lack of attention or respect. And when someone does it to you, they might not even realize that they’re doing it. But, what does it mean when someone you love ignores you in a dream?

Our closest ones are an important part of ourselves, as they make us what we are, essentially. When we are ignored by our loved ones, let it be in waking life or a dream, it is a sign that we are feeling unimportant, left behind, and abandoned.

Key Takeaways:

  • This type of dream usually stems from childhood, but often only appears later on in life.
  • Being ignored in your dream points to self-esteem issues or a desire to be accepted.
  • If you are a Christian, the vision may also be telling you that there is something missing from your relationship with God.

What Does a Dream Of Being Ignored By Someone You Love Symbolize?

Dream Of Being Ignored By Someone You Love explained

Being ignored by your loved ones in a dream symbolizes a lack of communication in your relationship.

You may be feeling neglected by your partner, or someone else that is very close to you.

Either way, you need to find out what’s going on in your relationship and work on it together.

In most cases, however, a dream of being ignored by someone you love is not about a single event, but rather a series of events that have led up to this point.

If you can’t remember anything specific that led up to the dream, try looking back at recent experiences with this person and see if anything stands out as significant.

The first thing to consider when interpreting these dreams is the nature of the relationship with the person in question. If you are being ignored by a parent or sibling, it may be that you are feeling abandoned or mistreated.

Perhaps you have been feeling lonely and unwanted lately, and this is your subconscious way of expressing that need for attention.

It is also possible that you’re spending way too much time focusing on work, rather than the people around you.

In this case, you should take your vision as a warning sign that your priorities need to shift, or you might find yourself socially lost.

1. Your Insecurities Are Being Exposed

These dreams may represent a fear of being left behind, or they could symbolize a fear of losing someone special to you. You may be feeling insecure about yourself or your relationship with the person in your dream.

You may also be feeling unsure about a project or activity that you’ve been working on and always feel like it’s not good enough yet.

If this is the case, maybe you should take some time to step back and reflect on what needs improvement in order to gain back confidence.

2. Letting Go Of a Relationship

This vision might also suggest that some of your relationships aren’t exactly healthy and should be broken.

It could be anything from a romantic to a business relationship, whatever the case may be, it is time to stop this affiliation before someone gets hurt.

You might also be having second thoughts or doubts about a past relationship and how it ended.

You need to let go and find a new way to move forward, otherwise, you will just end up feeling frustrated and disappointed.

3. Carrying More Weight On Your Shoulders Than You Should

Dreams of being ignored by your loved ones can also symbolize that you are carrying too much weight on your shoulders.

You may be feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to deal with the responsibilities in your life.

This dream can also mean that you are feeling like no one listens to what you have to say, which is causing you to feel isolated and alone.

You are most likely letting outside forces control your thoughts, emotions, and actions. You need to take the reigns back and allow yourself to be who you are, instead of allowing others to define who you are.

4. You Are Repressing Your Emotions

It’s true that dreams can be difficult to interpret, but this one can be pretty clear. When we ignore our feelings or suppress them, they don’t go away.

They just fester inside us until they have a chance to surface and explode.

You may be holding back the expression of anger, sadness, or joy, and this is causing you to feel alone and disconnected from others.

It’s important to express these feelings, as they can lead to depression or anxiety.

5. Hiding Your True Personality

A dream of being ignored by someone you love also suggests that you are afraid to show your true emotions and do not want to reveal yourself to others.

It may be a way for your subconscious mind to communicate with you about this problem, or it may be an attempt to tell you that you should start expressing yourself more.

You may also be afraid of being honest about who you are and what you want out of life because it will make others feel uncomfortable.

Accept yourself for who you are and don’t worry about what other people think about you, or your choices.

Someone Ignoring You In a Dream

In general, dreams about being ignored represents feelings of rejection or abandonment by someone close to us such as a spouse or partner.

However, it is also possible that it indicates something more sinister such as abuse or neglect from someone who should love you unconditionally, like a parent or a guardian figure.

The thing is, you are most likely experiencing an emotional conflict. You may feel as though you are not worthy of the attention that someone is giving you, but it could also be due to your own self-doubt.

If you’re feeling like you don’t matter to the person who’s ignoring you, it can cause anxiety or sadness.

It’s important to consider whether or not there are real-life situations that have made you feel this way before the dream, so you can understand why it’s coming up now.

Your Boyfriend

When your boyfriend is ignoring you in a dream, it may be your subconscious trying to figure out what is going on in this relationship.

You may be putting a lot of energy into it, but your boyfriend is not doing the same. This could be because of his lack of interest or because he is preoccupied with other things.

You may also be feeling neglected if you are in an unhealthy relationship where your partner is often distant and unavailable to you.

If this is the case, then you should consider whether you really want to be involved with this person.

Your Ex

A dream of being ignored by your ex can be interpreted in two ways. Firstly, it signifies that you need to let go of your past and move on.

You may have been feeling lonely and depressed recently and this dream may be telling you that you need to stop dwelling on the past and start living in the present.

The second way is that it means your ex has moved on from their feelings for you and starting to move on with their life. You should focus on yourself and find someone new to spend your time with.

A Friend

If you’ve recently had a fight with one of your friends and they are avoiding talking about it, this might be the cause of your dream.

The dream may be providing a safe space for you to work through some of these feelings without having to directly confront them.

If this is the case, make sure to talk about what happened after waking up from the dream so that both of you can move forward together!

The main thing to remember here is that this is not necessarily about the specific friend you dreamt of.

Your mind might be symbolizing your friendship in general and it could relate to a completely different person (another friend) than the one you saw in your dreams.

Your Family

Being ignored by your family in a dream symbolizes the lack of support and love you receive from them. You may be feeling neglected and unappreciated, or you may feel like you don’t have a place in your family.

These dreams can be interpreted as feelings of loneliness, abandonment, or insecurity. They might also suggest that there is a distance between you and your family members in real life.

If you are being ignored by someone who has passed away, it means that you have some unresolved issues with them. You may also be experiencing guilt over how they died or how they were treated before they died.

Your Mother

Being ignored by your mother in a dream symbolizes the lack of affection from childhood, or it can be a sign that you feel like your mother never listened to you.

You may also be angry at her for not being there for you when you needed her.

These dreams are quite common, as most children feel neglected or unloved by their parents at some point in their lives, especially during puberty.

When this happens, it can leave you feeling hurt and upset, even if in reality, she still loves and cares for you. In some cases, these dreams may also indicate that someone is ignoring your feelings or needs right now.

Dream Of Wife Ignoring You

When you dream of being ignored by someone you love, like your wife, for example, it might symbolize the regret of cheating.

If you have cheated on your spouse and are trying to hide it from her, it may be a sign that you are feeling guilty and insecure.

You are afraid she will find out, and you do not want to see the rage in her eyes when she does. You know that she will never forgive you and that she will leave you for good.

If you have not cheated, however, this could refer to a secret that you are keeping from her; a secret that could hurt her if she found out.

Perhaps you have been hiding a gambling problem, or perhaps you have been lying about where you’ve been going at night.

Dream Of Being In a Church Where Everyone Ignores You

If you dream of being ignored by everyone at church, it could be that you have lost faith in God’s ability to guide and help you.

Perhaps you are feeling discouraged and like there is nothing more that can be done on your behalf.

You may also feel like no one will listen to you or understand your perspective. It may also represent a need for solitude and quiet time with God.

Spiritual Meaning Of Being Ignored In a Dream

The spiritual meaning of being ignored by someone you love in a dream suggests that you’re feeling ignored during your waking life. You may be feeling like no one cares about or listens to you, and that can feel really isolating.

It could also mean that you’re ignoring yourself. Maybe you’re not listening to your own needs and wants, or maybe you’re just not paying attention to what matters most to you.

Think about what’s going on in your life right now and consider whether there are any ways in which you might be ignoring your own needs. If so, how can you change that?

On a spiritual level, being ignored in dreams can also mean that you need to pay more attention to your inner voice and listen to what it has to say.

This is a signal that you need to take more time for yourself and spend less time trying to please other people.


The dream of being ignored by someone you love symbolizes that you may feel neglected and want the attention of a special someone.

You might be feeling like your opinions are not being heard, or feeling like no one is interested in what you have to say.

This is a common dream when someone has gone through a breakup or other situation where they feel betrayed by someone close.

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