Dream Of Fighting With Someone: 9 Common Meanings

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Having a dream of fighting with someone can symbolize your struggles with people in waking life, or it can be a sign of the inner conflicts you might have. So, what does fighting in a dream symbolize?

Dreaming about fighting someone symbolizes a situation or a person that has frustrated or angered you. This may be a warning to you to be careful about how you deal with unpleasant situations. It could also be a sign that you are about to lose control over your emotions.

In most cases, these dreams are a result of deep-seated desires, anxiety, and unresolved conflicts involving oneself. What this symbolizes for you, however, has to be interpreted on your own.

Key Takeaways:

  • The dream might imply that you are struggling with inner conflict, or you might have an unresolved issue with someone close to you.
  • Fighting with someone usually means that you are processing feelings of frustration or resentment.
  • This vision often stems from the fact that you are facing external challenges and opposition.

Dream Of Fighting Someone And Winning

Dream Of Fighting Someone And Winning

Having a dream of fighting with someone and winning is a good sign. It means that you are able to stand up for yourself and assert your point of view.

I could argue that this is an important skill because it helps you deal with people who might try to take advantage of you or push you around.

Fighting is also a symbol of strength, courage, and determination. In this sense, the dream implies that you are ready to take on any challenge life throws at you.

Another interpretation suggests that you are being challenged by someone or something in your life. It may be an external challenge, such as a difficult situation at work or with a friend.

It could also be an internal challenge, such as a feeling that you need to change your habits or your ways of thinking.

“Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.”

― Herbert Hoover

Whatever the case may be, when you are winning the fight, your mind is reminding you that hard work, dedication, and perseverance are the right way to achieve your victory. However, there is more symbolism behind this vision.

1. Struggling To Resolve a Conflict

When you dream about fighting a stranger, it implies that you’re feeling threatened by something in your life. It may be a relationship that’s going nowhere or a job that you’re not satisfied with.

It could also be a simple thing like feeling burned out by your everyday routine. The thing is, there is obviously something happening in your life that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

The fight is your subconscious way of letting yourself know how unhappy or anxious you are about this situation.

2. Battling An Emotional Challenge

A dream about fighting a family member represents your struggle to balance your personal needs with those of the people around you.

Because the members of our family are so close to us, we often feel as though they’re part of our own identities, both in reality and in our subconscious.

However, when we get too wrapped up in what other people expect from us or how we think others perceive us, it can cause stress.

3. Resisting a Change In Your Life

Fighting with a girl could mean that there is a part of yourself that you are refusing to acknowledge. It can also be a sign of resistance to change, especially if you’re trying to deal with something new in your life.

Another reason for these visions to appear could be that you are in a situation where there are just too many demands on your time, energy, or attention.

You may feel like you’re undervalued by others or that you’re not getting enough credit for all the work.

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4. Experiencing Repressed Anger Or Frustration

When you dream about fighting a woman, it’s a sign that you’re not comfortable with your feminine side.

You may be concerned with looking weak, or incapable of taking care of yourself, and this can lead to feelings of frustration and anger.

It’s important to work through these issues so they don’t get in the way of your relationships with women. And especially, so they don’t impact your ability to express yourself as a woman!

5. You Are Feeling Threatened Or Insecure

Fighting with your mother implies that have a lot of conflicting feelings about her. For example, you may feel that she is overbearing and controlling, but at the same time, you love and respect her very much.

This conflict may be playing out in your sleep where you’re fighting with her because she wants to control your life or tell you what to do.

You might also feel guilty for thinking this way about your mother, because deep down inside, you know she only wants what’s best for you.

6. Unresolved Conflicts From Your Past

Fighting with your brother (or other family members) usually means that you are feeling angry and frustrated, but it also means that you are in need of support.

You’re probably trying to do everything on your own, and you don’t want to ask for help. And you’re afraid that if you ask for it, people will think less of you.

But if you keep on like this, the stress will build up until it becomes too much for you to bear. You should start by reaching out to someone that can help you manage your frustrations.

7. Dealing With a Power Struggle

Fighting over a man can be seen as a sign that you’re feeling insecure about your relationship in real life. It could mean that you don’t feel like you have his full attention, or that you’re worried he’s interested in someone else.

The fight itself can also symbolize the inner conflict you may be having about whether or not to end your relationship.

If you are losing the fight, it indicates that you are unable to make decisions regarding your future. You might fear that making a wrong choice will affect your relationship with others.

8. You Are Seeking Validation Or Approval

Getting into a fight with your friend is usually a reflection of the tension that exists between you two. Maybe you have a feeling that your friend isn’t always there for you or is taking advantage of this friendship in some way.

It could also be, that you’re jealous of your friend’s success. Whatever the case may be, the interpretation of a dream like this depends on other things that are happening as well.

If there are more details in the dream, such as being chased or physically hurt by your friend, then these could indicate deeper issues in a relationship.

9. Desire To Break Free And Escape The Reality

Seeing dogs fighting may symbolize the battle between your conscious and subconscious desires. It could also signify a struggle for dominance in your life or even an argument you’ve been having with someone close to you.

However, some people believe that it signifies your desire to escape from a situation that is not going well in your life. You are feeling like you want to run away from your problems, but you don’t know where to go.

Alternatively, you may be having trouble dealing with someone else’s opinions or actions and wish they would just leave you alone.

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Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Fighting Someone?

If you often dream of fighting someone specifically, well, you probably have some issues with them in waking life. First of all, it could be a sign that you are feeling some sort of aggression toward this individual.

Maybe you wish that they would just go away and stop bothering you, or maybe there’s something they said, that left a mark on your mind.

The dream might be a way for your subconscious to get rid of those feelings and let them out in a safe way. It could also be a sign that you’re ready for a change in your life.

If you have been feeling particularly frustrated with someone, maybe this is telling you it’s time to move on from this mindset.

Finally, the dream could suggest that it’s time to take action! If there’s something in your life that’s bothering you, rather than being bothered by it, invest that energy toward a viable solution.

What Does It Mean When I Dream About Beating Someone Up?

Dreaming of beating someone up can be a sign that you are feeling angry and frustrated with someone in your real life. It may be an indication that you need to confront the person and let them know how you feel.

You can also interpret this as being symbolic of your own frustrations, and feelings of being trapped or confined by something in waking life.

Alternatively, fighting an enemy could indicate that you have strong feelings toward people who have wronged you in some way.

This could be due to a past experience, or it could be a general feeling of anger towards people who do not behave in ways that align with your values or beliefs.

Fighting In Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Fighting In Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Seeing yourself fighting in dreams is a sign of conflict within yourself. It may represent your internal struggle with making a decision, or it could be an indication that you are going through a difficult period in your life.

The type of fighting you experience will depend on many different factors. If you are fighting against a person much bigger than yourself, it means that someone is trying to hold you back from achieving your goals.

If others are fighting on your behalf, however, then it could mean that there is an aspect of yourself that is worth defending.

If you are fighting with someone who has died or passed away, this implies that there are unresolved issues from your past holding you back.

It may also mean that you are experiencing guilt over something you did or maybe something you wanted to do, but never acted upon.

Seeing a Couple Fighting In Dream

Seeing a couple fighting is a sign that you are going through a time of crisis and change in your life. You may feel like you’re not sure who to trust, or how to handle the uncertainty that comes with change.

It can also mean that you are feeling lonely or isolated, and these feelings may be stemming from a recent change in your life.

The dream is not necessarily saying that your relationship is doomed; it’s just giving you insight into how you might be feeling right now. In any case, it’s time for some introspection and self-care!

Fighting With a Devil

The reason for fighting a devil in a dream is that you are having trouble dealing with the negative aspects of your personality.

This could be anything from feeling selfish and greedy or feeling like you’re always doing things for others at the expense of yourself.

The spiritual meanings imply that you are struggling to maintain your morality. You may feel like you’re going down a dark path, or that you have been dragged down by an evil force.

In this sense, fighting suggests that you are making an effort to protect yourself from harm or evil in your own life.

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Fighting With a Ghost

Fighting a ghost is a symbol of your fear or anxiety about an upcoming situation. You may be worried about something in your life, such as an upcoming job interview or social event.

You may also be concerned that someone close to you is going to die, or that someone will break up with you.

There are forces at work in your life that are trying to make you do what they want. These forces could represent other people or situations that seem impossible to resist.

Fighting a War

A war can be a metaphor for any struggle, and it can mean anything from a personal struggle to an emotional conflict to a physical fight.

But, a dream of fighting with someone in a war could also be a sign that you are struggling with the demons of your past.

You may have unresolved issues from childhood, or you may be struggling to deal with trauma from some recent event. If you win a war, this means that you have won over evil forces and have overcome them.

Biblical Meaning Of Fighting With Someone In a Dream

The dream implies that you may be fighting with yourself. This can be caused by your own inner conflicts and struggles, or it can be the result of someone else’s bad behavior toward you.

In either case, it can be an opportunity for you to examine how you deal with conflicts and how you treat others. You can also use this to reflect on your relationship with God.

If you feel like you have been fighting with God lately, ask yourself what it is about your life that makes you feel this way. You may need to change certain things in order to get back on track with God’s plan for your life.

Spiritual Meaning Of Fighting In a Dream

The spiritual meaning of fighting suggests that you are expressing your feelings. There is anger inside of you and it is absolutely necessary that you deal with it.

You are letting your emotions get the best of you and this has a heavy impact on your way of thinking. You should really take some time for yourself, perhaps by spending more time in nature or doing some yoga.

In some cases, however, this can be a sign that someone is threatening to take something away from you. It could be something physical, such as money or property, but it could also refer to relationships with others.

You may feel like someone is trying to break up with you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does Physical Fight In a Dream Mean?

In general, fighting someone in a dream means that something is bothering you or giving you anxiety.
If the person you fight with is someone close to you, it generally represents your struggle with that person.

What Do Violent Fighting Dreams Mean?

Having violent fighting dreams means that your is subconscious trying to tell you something important.
The simplest explanation is that it’s a symbol of conflict between two characters in your life.

What Does Anger In a Dream Mean?

Anger in a dream is a common representation of repressed and deep-rooted frustrations, but it can also be the consequence of negative acts committed by others. 


A dream of fighting with someone is a strong image that the soul sends out to the conscious mind. It’s likely that you have conflicting feelings toward that person.

If this is the case, you should either come to terms with your feelings or improve the way you communicate with others.

But, it could also be about an internal conflict, one that is extremely important to resolve. This situation could be a sign of an inner battle of beliefs or morals.

It is important for you to recognize the negative aspects of yourself and work to bring them under control. I hope this article gave you a general idea about what dreaming about fighting someone means.

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