Dreams About Cannibalism: Bite Into The Subconscious


Did you ever wake up from a dream where you see yourself eating human flesh? Not every dream is the same, and this specific one might bear an individual message to you. Let’s take a look at what does it mean when you dream about cannibalism?

Dreams about cannibalism have different meanings, depending on the details of the dream, and can have both positive and negative connotations. It usually indicates that you are spending someone’s money, using the ideas of others, or hijacking people’s energy. It also means that you are thinking about your personal interests only.

Fortunately, you are in the right place. Here at our dream dictionary, there are common explanations for these visions, where you are free to find out more about the meanings of such a disturbing dream. Read on to find out what it signifies for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dreams about cannibalism carry symbolic meanings, representing a fear of being consumed or overwhelmed by others’ power.
  • These visions offer a psychological exploration, revealing hidden desires, unresolved conflicts, and intense emotions tied to control and vulnerability.
  • Cannibalistic dreams metaphorically reflect an insatiable hunger for power, success, or recognition, even at the expense of others.

Mind On The Menu: Unlocking The Mysteries Of Dreams About Cannibalism

Dreaming Of Cannibalism

A dream of cannibalism often transmits a message that might have various meanings. It often reminds you of your animal instincts. We are all part of nature, and we are not very different from many other animals, despite our intellect.      

The cannibalism dream meaning might also reflect on some hidden corners of your soul. It is important to think more in detail about yourself, comparing the dream with some recent situations you had in real life.

That’s definitely the best approach to finding out the entire message that dream sends to you. These dreams usually have a negative meaning, as they usually send a pessimistic message.

Such visions often depend on other details, however, they might indicate some employment or family problems. It might also reveal your deceptive nature.

“But if you’re gonna dine with them cannibals…
Sooner or later, darling, you’re gonna get eaten…”

― Nick Cave

This dream may not always be bad, as it might symbolize a financial gain in the near future. The problem with that is, it is usually achieved through deceptive methods.

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Cannibalism Dream Meaning Bible

The act of cannibalism is not a common action in Bible, so it was rarely mentioned in the book. The connotation is, however, very negative.

The Holy Book says you should never use the meat of fellow humans for the purpose of eating, so a dream of this type would also have a negative meaning, according to the Bible.

Cannibalism was seen as an awful degradation and a sort of God’s punishment for the wrongdoings of humanity. So if you saw yourself eating human flesh in a dream, it might mean you did something to someone you know.

Cannibalism Dream Meaning Islam

A dream of this kind might have a connection with the supernatural world. That’s particularly true if the angels and demons appear in a dream too, according to the religion.

In some cases, it might indicate some happy events in the future. But it might also be a sign that demons and evil spirits are near you. That’s why it is necessary to analyze all the details of the dream. 

This meaning of cannibalism can be a reflection of your future as well as contact with your past, according to Islamic interpretations.

If you were happy, then the sign is the positive one. The negative feelings can, however, indicate a pessimistic omen.

Dream About Witnessing Cannibalism

Witnessing cannibalism might indicate that you are on the path to progress and success. You respect and strive toward the order in your life so achieving goals is a natural outcome for such an individual.

The dream might alternatively mean you should make your own decisions and take more initiative.

Animal Cannibalism

Animal cannibalism might indicate you are ready to grow and develop, but you are surrounded by unfriendly people.

Cannibalism amongst animals might also relate to some unresolved problems from the past. You have to find a solution for them if you want to achieve balance and harmony.

Fish Cannibalism

Seeing fish cannibalism might indicate various things. It might mean you will need to understand yourself better in order to find commonality.

Such a characteristic will help you to connect with others better.

This dream signifies that you need to organize more in detail. You are not noticing the little things in your life while taking the big ones for granted.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Being Eaten Alive?

A dream of being eaten alive is quite rare, but it might bear a significant message to the dreamer. It is usually a call to pay attention to the control of your ego.

You have probably shown a bad temper recently, and it is now time to pull back. While it might be pretty disturbing, it does not mean that someone is actually going to eat you.

Your life is not at risk, but your reputation might be, and the dream holds a hidden warning message you should be aware of.

Being eaten alive in a dream might also have asexual connotations as well, according to some psychological interpretations.

Dream About Being a Cannibal

This dream means you’re having some difficulties expressing yourself in the right way.

You might be unable to put your emotions and feelings into your words, and that’s what this image wants to remind you of.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Eating Yourself?

Nightmares like these usually indicate you should have a simpler kind of life. It is important for you to spend more time with yourself.

Life is fast and stressful, but you need to calm down and take your mind out of the jam.

You might feel lost in the busy world and have mixed feelings, but that’s just a temporary emotion and you do not need to be a slave to that situation.

A Self-cannibalism dream might also indicate you have to give a new life to your old plans and ideas.

These might need some innovations, but they can lead you directly to success when you complete that step. 

Cannibal Chasing You Dream Meaning

cannibal_chasing _you

The specific dream of a cannibal chasing you usually indicates you have a possessive partner. You might feel stuck in a love relationship in some ways.

The emotions might still be there, however, you appreciate your freedom too. No one loves to be controlled. That includes you too.

However, it is exactly what your partner does frequently.

That’s why you might search for some alternative solutions for the favorable solution of the problem. You are not a person who easily gives up.

Despite the bad predictions, you are ready to find the right goal. That kind of habit will be recognized and appreciated by others.

Seeing a cannibal in your dream can be absolutely terrifying, but consuming another human being often represents other people’s ideas and desires, even tho it is considered taboo.

– To dream of a cannibal chasing you – Possessive partner, unhappy love relationship.

– To dream of chasing a cannibal – Fight against injustice.

– To dream of other people chasing a cannibal – Charity.

Attacked By a Cannibal

Dream About Cannibal Attack

Dreaming about cannibalism is not a good omen, and the dream may be a sign that you should be careful.

It is important to slow down in life and analyze some possible problematic situations.

All the details in the dream are important. If you managed to defeat the cannibal, you would probably go out as a winner from some bad situations.

If you are a victim of cannibalism, it might also indicate that you are in a lack of individuality. It might mean you are close to the edge, and the situation cannot become worse.

Unfortunately, it is useful to be aware that things can indeed become even harder for you, and it is necessary to do everything you can to prevent a bad outcome.

Seeing Human Meat In Dream

Seeing human meat is sometimes associated with the supernatural world. The dream itself might bear a positive or negative message to the dreamer.

It is only necessary to remember all the details in order to get the entire picture of the vision.

The dreamer has to be aware of God’s power. Things can become positive if you believe in a supernatural entity. So you should not let go of your faith.

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Dream Interpretation Of Eating Human Flesh Or Meat

A dream of eating human flesh is a sort of night vision that has the power to disturb and shock anyone. Fortunately, the meaning is rarely literal and it usually sends a totally different message.

Including your real-life situation while analyzing this sort of dream is important. If you did not eat dinner, there is a higher chance you will have a similar dream.

The same applies to people who have a diet. They might have such dreams more frequently.

If you did not have a problem with hunger, however, then the meaning is totally different. In this case, your vision deserves a more thoughtful analysis.

It might indicate you want to fill out the void in your life. There are possible endless reasons for emptiness, but the reasons themselves do not affect your need for the solution to the problem.

  • Dream of eating human head – Emotional balance.      
  • Eating human hand – Passion, purity, and imaginative energy.        
  • Eating a human heart – Success, celebration, ambition, self-confidence, and happiness.
  • Eating fingers meaning – Developing life episode.

Dream About Eating a Baby

Dreaming About Cannibalism

This night vision might actually have many meanings, but you do not need to take it literally.   

It might also have positive indications. A dream of eating someone, like another human, might suggest that you keep a healthy balance in waking life.

There is a reason for happiness and faith in the future. You might also need a simpler life if you had such a dream.

That’s why you should consider it a good sign, and try excluding complex situations from your life entirely.

Cannibalism Dream Moods

Cannibalism dream moods might have positive and negative meanings, depending on particular details.

If you feel well during the vision, then the dream sends a positive message. You should be optimistic about your future in that case.

The opposite situation is, however, a bad omen. If you feel distressed during the vision, you should slow down in your waking life.

Positive And Negative Connotations

Please note that the connotations associated with the topic of cannibalism are generally negative due to the disturbing and taboo nature of the subject matter.

Positive ConnotationsNegative Connotations
Psychological depthRepulsive
Unconscious insightDisconcerting


These are some meanings and indications of the most common dreams about cannibalism. Whatever dreams involving people you might have, you can find them all in other articles on this blog.

If you are still unsure about your own night visions, then you are definitely free to leave a comment below the text. The moderators will give their best to provide you with the meaning of your actual dream.

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