Dream About White Tiger Meaning And Symbolism

How many times has it happened that you have dreamt about being at some nice snow-led mountain? Now, how many times has it happened that you had a dream about white tiger? Yes, that large cat with paws the size of an adult’s head! Psychologists say that dreams reflect our subconscious thoughts. So, what does a white tiger symbolize in dream?

Dreaming about a white tiger is not a usual phenomenon. It has a lot to do with your conscious life, subconscious thoughts, and personality. On the other hand, a white tiger as an animal itself has significance. The white tiger as an animal symbolizes fearlessness and authority. Do these things have any meaning in your dream?

The answer is, “Yes,” and that’s exactly what this article would speak about. This article aims at giving you a sneak peek into all the possible interpretations about dreaming of a white tiger. 

White Tiger Dream Meaning And Interpretation

dream about white tiger

Dreams as such are not random visuals but visuals created based on our subconscious thoughts and therefore, have meaning.

When we dream of pleasant or usual things like dreaming of vacationing or dreaming of being with friends, we don’t seek interpretations.

However, when we dream of unusual things like seeing a white tiger in dreamyou obviously would wonder why and would like to know what is the white tiger dream meaning or reflects. 

Before we get into the details of what does it mean to see a white tiger in a dreamit is imperative to know what does, white tiger as an animal symbolizes?

A white tiger as an animal in a dream symbolizes power, strength, authority, and rarity. Just like its actual persona, dreaming about a white tiger has similar interpretations. Some of the common interpretations are as follows:

One interpretation says that dreaming of a white tiger is a reflection of our personal nature of unpredictability and ambiguity. Another interpretation says that it marks transformation or change in life in the future. 

The above being some of the basic interpretations, experts say that the interpretation would differ based on how and what the white tiger was like in the dream.

Right from whether the tiger was healthy, tired, alive, dead, active, etc would speak of what could be the interpretation. Thus, dreaming about a white tiger takes into account a lot of things including your sexual feelings and other elements of your life. 

What Does a White Tiger Symbolize In a Dream

Considering that it is unusual of dreaming about white tiger, you may wonder, what does a white tiger symbolize in a dream?

Though a white tiger symbolizes strength and courage as an animal, white tiger symbolism in dreams has various interpretations.

From a negative connotation to a positive version, there are a lot of interpretations. However, this interpretation also depends on what you dreamt. 

If you see a friendly white tiger, it means that you flushed out your aggressive self and have adopted a peaceful version of yourself.

Dreaming of a white tiger that is not in action but just staring at you would mean that you are soon to experience financial profit. Dreaming of a white tiger with cubs or dreaming just about tiger cubs symbolize that you care a lot about your family.

Thus, it is loud and clear that dreaming of a white tiger can have a straight, biblical, or spiritual interpretation.  

Biblical Meaning Of White Tiger In Dream

biblical meaning of white tiger in dreams

Amidst the various interpretations, the white tiger dream meaning biblical interpretation says that the dream may be a reflection of your temperament, which has immense power.

It also may mean that you are deeply dwelling in a misconception or a lie that you are deeply influenced.

One of the negative beliefs that revolve white tiger is that it is known to run away from its problems.

Thus, the dream interpretation says that you are not giving serious attention to something essential. Finally, it also means that you abuse or are agitated about others’ misconceptions about you. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About White Tiger In Your House

Ever thought about what it means to dream of white tiger in house? Strange isn’t it?? But here is what it means.

Unless and until the white tiger is aggressively trying to badge into your house, dreaming of a white tiger in the house is positive. It means either you will be promoted or become famous.

If you have a pregnant lady at home then the lady is all set to deliver a wonderful baby. However, if the white tiger is aggressive then you need to dread it as there is a possibility that you will be framed for a crime. 

White Tiger Attacking In Dream

What if the tiger is not in the house but on me? In other words, what if I dream about white tiger attacking me? 

The dream symbolizes that you dread getting attacked in real life. It also reflects that you have a past that you dread off and that it would come back.

In a nutshell, being attacked by a white tiger in the dream signifies some kind of threat or serious problem coming. The problem will be rare and tough like the white tiger which will take to resolve. If you are worried, then here is a silver lining.

In the dream, if you succeed in the attack, it means that you are strong enough to face the hurdles. You are not scared of facing your problems are confident to overcome them. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About White Tiger Chasing You

The white tiger is not attacking but what does dreaming of a white tiger chasing you mean? Being chased by a white tiger means that there is some aspect of your life or a worry that you are trying to run away.

The distance between you and the tiger represents the distance between the problem and you. The closer it is, it means that you can no longer run away from it. Thus, it is better to become strong to face the unavoidable. 

Dream About Killing a White Tiger

Ever dreamt of killing a mighty white tiger? if yes, did you think about what it would mean? 

Though killing would otherwise be considered negative, killing a white tiger in a dream actually means positive. It means that you are filled with so much power that you are unstoppable.

It could also mean that you are trying hard to prove your worth. Lastly, it could also mean that you are doing extremely well in your life and people around you are jealous of this success. Thus, killing a white tiger is a good sign.

Friendly White Tiger Dream Meaning

You must have never thought of befriending a tiger in real but you can dream.

Friendly white tiger dream meaning means that you have managed to achieve peace and control over your wild and aggressive personality. Thus, it is a good sign. 

Dream About Baby White Tiger

Tiger cubs are the cutest things that one could see. So what if you dream about baby white tiger?

It either means that you wish to become parents or symbolizes your love for your family. For individuals, it means that you are igniting your inner strength or starting a new project. 

White Tiger In Dream Spiritual Meaning

What if I told you that white tiger in dream spiritual meaning exists? It means that you are unable to control your aggressive nature.

It also signifies that this behavior is going to have an adverse effect on your relationships.

White Tiger Dream Meaning In Hinduism

Wonder what the white tiger dream meaning in Hinduism? In Hinduism tiger is the official ride of Goddess Durga.

Therefore, one of the interpretations says, that dreaming about a white tiger means you have the blessing of the Goddess.

Not just in Hinduism dreaming of a tiger has significance in Chinese culture as well.

It is a known fact that the tiger is one of the Zodiac signs.

The Chinese culture believes that the balance of the world lies in the five tigers i.e., black tiger, the white tiger which represents fall and metal, blue tiger, red tiger, and yellow tiger. 

Seeing White Tiger In Dream Is Good Or Bad

Thus, it is loud and clear that though it is unusual, people do dream about white tigers. However, it cannot be said that dreaming about a white tiger is good or bad because it depends on what exactly you saw in your dream regarding the white tiger.

 But as a whole, the positive interpretations include that you shall a financial profit or you will overcome your difficulties or enemies.

On the other side, the common negative interpretations include you can’t control your actions resulting in bad relationships. 


It is loud and clear that dreaming about the white tiger may happen. Thus, if you dream about white tigerthen it is suggested that you don’t take it lightly.

I am sure this article would have given you a fair idea of how to decode these animals in dreams and thereby change your present to avoid the effects.