What Does It Mean To Dream About Cows? 25 Common Interpretations


Cows are docile, generous, and helpful animals and are symbols of a bountiful life in many religions. Some believe that they have many life lessons to teach us, such as patience and kindness. But what does it mean to dream about cows?

A dream about cows usually represents nurturing, abundance, and the feminine and is often associated with maternal instincts. They are known for their milk production, which can also symbolize nourishment, abundance, and the need for spiritual growth. In some cultures, they are revered and used as the representation of divine power itself.

In this article, I will try to explain different dream plots where this animal is present. It should give you a good idea about what these animals represent and helps you decipher the message within. Continue reading.

Key Takeaways:

  • These animals often symbolize abundance, prosperity, and nourishment in various aspects of life, but also a connection to motherhood and fertility and the potential for new beginnings.
  • Cows are often associated with hard work and perseverance, serving as a reminder to stay committed, focused, and dedicated to achieving goals.
  • The dream encourages embracing kindness, compassion, and a more gentle approach to dealing with others and oneself.

Dreaming About Cows: Unveiling The Mysteries Beyond The Pasture

Dreaming about cows

Seeing these animals, in most cases, is a positive message or sign. However, the meaning might largely depend on the plot. So you need to analyze every detail before you conclude.

A dream about cows could indicate a lot of things. Here are a few examples to give you a better idea:

  • Dreaming of milking a cow means that you will soon receive a heritage. It could be that you inherit property from your family members.
  • Dreaming of a fat cow symbolizes a fertile year. This is a message that most of your members will become independent and continue with their lives, so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.
  • Dreaming of a skinny cow symbolizes a meager year. It could mean you investing in a job that will not bring you desired results that you hoped for. 
  • Running from a cow with horns is a sign of aggression but from your side. If there is blood on the horns, it indicates your arrogance and cunningness. 

“It doesn’t matter how much milk you spill as long as you don’t lose the cow.”

– Harvey Mackay

There is different cow dream meaning and you will learn the most important ones in this article. For the most part, seeing one in a dream suggests a positive outcome.

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1. Peace & Prosperity

The sight of cows grazing in an open field has a calming and soothing effect on your soul. They are often related to prosperity and serenity.

This is mainly because they are prominently white. Also, all by-products of cows are white except for beef.

2. Motherhood & Fertility

The cow is also considered the symbol of motherhood. Their nurturing nature and maternal instincts also make them selfless. Cows are compassionate animals and their love can be compared to that of a human mother.

3. Abundance & Wealth

There’s no hiding the fact that farm owners earn a lot of money by selling cow milk and other by-products. As you already know milk has a variety of derivatives like butter, cheese, cream, mayonnaise, etc.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this animal can make you wealthy. Also, it provides plenty of food.

4. Femininity & Strength 

Cows are the biggest example of how devoted and selfless a female can be. She can feed thousands of people, and yet never ask for anything in return.

Without them, there won’t be any milk, cream, or butter, that you love so much. This is what makes these creatures so important and powerful in our lives.


Biblical Meaning Of Cows In Dreams

Since I already explained the general meaning of cows in dreams, it is only fair that I also explain the biblical meaning as well.

In the Bible, the Pharaoh of Egypt dreamed about seven fat cows and then seven thin and ugly cows. The dream’s imagery also included seven withered ears of grain and seven full ears of grain.

Based on Joseph’s interpretation, there will be plenty throughout the land of Egypt for seven years. After that, will arrive seven years of famine; and the famine will consume the land.

In the dream, the fat cow symbolized abundance, while the thin cows symbolized the lack of it. This sounded like a reasonable interpretation. So when you dream about them, you should consider how healthy the animals looked.

Cow In Dream Islam

Many of you want to know what seeing a cow in a dream means in Islam. Well, this animal is considered to be the greatest creature in Islam culture.

Many well-known Islamic leaders have said that the cow is supreme and therefore, it should be treated with respect.

It symbolizes durability and longevity. If you dream of milking one, it means you have wealth coming your way. But if the cow is not letting you milk her, it could mean conflict. 

These are very humble and peaceful animals. So if you dream about an angry cow, it means that people around you are not happy with you and you must have upset them in some way or the other.

This can also cause you a lot of stress or anxiety. It is a message or an indication of what is going to happen in your waking life.

Cow In Dream Hindu Astrology

Cow in dream

Cow in a dream Hindu astrology is considered to be a symbol of spirituality and holiness.

Hindus consider them to be the most sacred animal. They believe in cows to the extent that they have given her the status of a deity and worship her.

In many Hindu households, they feed freshly cooked breakfast to them. It is followed as a ritual every day.

Since they are holy creatures for Hindus, they don’t eat beef. It is strictly prohibited in their culture. Cows are often worshipped and are fed and taken care of in special shelters. 

In general, they are a positive message related to spirituality. Cows also hold a special significance in Buddhism.

In Egyptian mythology, Hathor, the mother goddess of joy, is worshipped as a cow deity for her celestial and maternal aspect.

Cow In Dream Interpretation

After reading through the first few sections, you would surely want me to explain the deeper meaning behind the appearance of a cow in your sleep.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Cows Chasing You?

Cow chasing you in a dream meaning suggests that you will get rid of someone who has been haunting your mind in a certain way.

This person has the power to inflict suffering on you. You need to be smart and not fall prey to it. Seeing a cow running behind you can also imply stumbling upon a fortune.

To put it in simple words, you are most likely to benefit from someone else’s wealth. It can mean that you are soon going to inherit some property from a family member of yours.

It is like, if you have a distant relative and they die without an heir, then you will inherit their wealth and property. But it could also mean facing a competitor in a relationship or at your workplace.

Dream About Dead Cows

Seeing a dead cow in your dream can leave a negative impact on your mind. But before drawing any conclusions, you need to know what this dream means.

This dream signifies you taking a spiritual journey. It indicates nourishment and care.  It could also mean that you are looking for someone who can care for you. 

The animal is already dead, and there’s nothing you can do to bring it back to life. This is telling you to act at the right time and care for the people around you before it’s too late.

What Does It Mean To Dream About a Cow Attacking You?

dream of cow attacking

The dream of a cow attack can definitely be an unpleasant one. It indicates that you are not receiving the love and care you desire in life.

If you dream of an attack, it can indicate that your important plan will be threatened. The vision where you are struck by one is not good.

It is a signal that your business is not in good condition!

To avoid bad things to happen, you need to overcome obstacles and rise in your life. You need to prepare yourself for the hard work.

Angry Cow Dream Meaning

An angry cow dream meaning is an indication for you to be careful. It is a sign of stress and that you are losing control over your life.

Having a stressful life can make you mistreat people and even hurt your family and friends. You are advised to wait for this phase to pass and once it does, you will have them by your side to help you out.

Raging cows signify that you must trust the wisdom of the time. It indicates that you will be a successful person in your field. You will receive the fruits of the hard work that you dreamed of. 

Killing Cow In Dream

If you dream of killing a cow it indicates problems in your waking life. It usually means you are full of negative feelings. If you continue to do that you will end up hurting yourself.

It also indicates circumstances related to essential problems in your life. You must try to relieve your stress and make your life better.

What Does a Cow Entering House In a Dream Suggest?

Cow entering a house in a dream signals a reawakening or spiritual change. It indicates that you are having feelings of insecurity. This should be taken as a clue for your need to be more accessible to others.

Seeing one entering your house in a dream is a message for you to be more confident, assertive, and aggressive in your abilities.

Cow In Dream During Pregnancy

Seeing a cow in a dream during pregnancy can mean a lot of things.

  • A pregnant woman dreaming of a horned ox means she will give birth to a son. 
  • A pregnant woman dreaming of a hornless ox or calf means she will give birth to a daughter.

Seeing a Calf In Dream

So what does seeing a calf in dreams mean?

The mother cow is often considered a nurturing character. A baby cow which is also known as a calf appearing in your dream indicates that someone needs emotional support. 

The baby calf cries when they are separated from its mother. This indicates a strong bond between both mother and child and this can transpire into your dream. 

You dream of a baby cow when there is a move toward influencing other people. It is an indication that you need to be focused on being more compassionate in life.

On the other seeing a cow giving birth to a calf in a dream could mean that you are soon going to be pregnant.

Cow Urine in Dream Meaning

Cow urine in dream meaning is much deeper than you may think. In other words, dreaming of cow urine has a strong symbolic value.

However, it could also mean that you just wanted to pee while you sleep and your brain sent you the message through this dream. In this case, it is a simple physical need.


Dreaming about cow urine indicates a generalized state of anxiety. You feel rejected by someone who has been using you all this while.

This dream proves that you have a lack of faith in others. In other words, you have a distrustful nature. It also indicates that you are in a phase of comfort that will bring you peace of mind.

Dream Of Cow Biting My Hand

Dream of cow biting my hand states the achievements of a person. You are overwhelmed with pressure. It means someone or something is holding you back. But you are yet to realize it. This dream indicates collective power.

Dream Of Eating Cow Meat

Dream of eating cow meat suggests the dualities of your personality; your true self and the persona you show to the world.

You need some relaxation to calm your mind. You are finally at peace in a relationship that had been stressing you a lot. This dream of yours is indicating a fresh start. You are now happy with the things going on in your life. You are giving yourself a sweet reward.

Dreaming Of a Herd Of Cattle

Dreaming of a herd of cattle symbolizes success and gain in your job. It means everything will go as planned.

To dream about a herd of cows might also signify your need to be a part of a group that you enjoy very much. If something was happening to the herd, such a dream can be a sign of problems in your group.

Black Cow Dream Meaning

Black cow dream meaning is often related to something bad. Unlike white cow dreams, black cows are related to warning signs. You need to be careful about your attitude and the things you have done.

If you see a dream about black cows it means that it’s not a good time for your luck. So you need to act cautiously.

The meaning of this dream can also be related to a sign of betrayal. It can occur between friends, partners, family, and co-workers.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Brown Cow?

Seeing a brown cow in a dream implies that you need to focus more on your work. It is trying to tell you that you need to solve your professional problems. 

It also means that the future has good things for you. But to access them you need to do well.  If you dream about a brown bull in your dreams, it is a very good sign.

It means that you will soon receive good news in your life and it will bring lots of happiness to you. You must enjoy this moment till it lasts.

Seeing White Cow In Dream Meaning

To dream about white cows is one of the best kinds of dreams; at least that’s what I believe.

Seeing a white cow is a perfect dream, especially for people who like to explore foreign lands. This means you will soon set out on a long journey.

This dream can bring you good and positive energy. It means you will get the chance to meet new people and have new friends in your circle. It indicates that the time is right for you to go out and socialize with new people.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Milking Cows?

Dream milking cow meaning is a very good sign. It means that you might receive a huge inheritance soon.

This dream could also signify acquiring something you long wished for. It could be a start of a new relationship as well.

Bull Dream Meaning

Bull dream meaning suggests that there will be some sacrifice that is required in life. You should watch out for the important things in your life.

On the other hand, the biblical meaning of bull in a dream represents an aspect of your personality that is headstrong or stubborn just like a bull. It means that you or someone else is obstinate.

Positive And Negative Connotations

Please note that interpretations can be subjective, and these connotations can vary based on personal experiences and cultural beliefs.

Positive ConnotationsNegative Connotations
Nurturing and motherly instinctsStubbornness and obstinacy
Fertility and abundanceBeing overly passive or docile
Groundedness and stabilityInertia or resistance to change
Connection to nature and simplicityBeing too conventional or predictable
Sustenance and nourishmentWeight or burden of responsibilities
Symbol of prosperity and wealthBeing labeled as a “cash cow” or exploited
Gentleness and calmnessBoredom or lack of excitement
Harmony and peacefulnessBeing easily manipulated
Connection to the divine or sacredMundane or monotonous existence
Patience and perseveranceSlow progress or stagnation


By now you know what does it mean to dream about cows. Different cow dreams have different meanings. This is why you need to analyze the plot to interpret the actual meaning of your dream.

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