Dream About Butterflies: Meaning And Symbolism

grey butterfly on red flower

Lately, I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding the dream about butterflies. These lovely animals are a sign of nature waking up after the winter, and our minds tend to interpret them this way in a dream. So what do butterflies mean in dreams?

Dreaming about butterflies represents emotional and spiritual transformation, the evolution of your mind, and the discovery of your inner self. These dreams might also represent feelings of detachment or lack of support in the dreamer’s life.

It is also possible that the dreamer recently felt isolated. In that case, the butterfly may represent the dreamer’s need to emerge from the chrysalis and explore life outdoors. A single butterfly may indicate that a big change is coming your way or the change has already begun in your waking life. Here, I will answer all the questions you have regarding dreams about butterflies.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Butterflies?

dream about colorful butterflies

The dream about butterflies could represent various things, but mostly all have a positive meaning.

Butterflies are usually associated with traits such as regeneration, cycles in life, and revival in dreams.

To put it simply, they indicate a major transition or shift in your life.

The things we dream about are somehow connected to our subconscious mind.

– Zhuangzi

A dream is one of the mediums through which our spirit guides contact us from above.

Dreaming about animals like butterflies, in my opinion, indicate a major “transformation” in your life.

I believe that the butterfly is a representation of a winged spiritual messenger, that is watching over us. 

I will try to explain the meaning of butterflies in dreams in the pointers below:

butterfly in nature

1. Evolution Of Your Mind

The butterfly may represent the essence of your soul. They are known as symbols of adaption.

A dream about butterflies may be pointing out the positive part of yourself or someone close to you.

It indicates pleasure, life energy, strength, humanity, and spirits. It can as well indicate a new start.

From a spiritual perspective, a butterfly could represent yourself and the way you should transform your life to make it better.

2. Indication Of Life Cycles

The butterfly undertakes several cycles to turn into its true form, which is very similar to our personal cycles.

Dreaming about butterflies could also suggest that you need to turn towards nature to properly manage whatever is bothering you in your life.

To put it simply, the dream of a butterfly may represent personal transformation.

3. Healing Through Time

A dream about butterflies can also indicate regeneration and renewal. But some tarot cards suggest that this rebirth will come through some painful experience.

4. Calmness And Tranquility

Butterfly dreams meaning can also represent your inner peace and willpower. You need to keep your head clear to resolve issues in life.

The appearance of the butterfly in your dreams is the indication that you have to free yourself from everyday routine and be more spontaneous.

Biblical Meaning Of Butterflies In Dreams

Some of you are curious to know the biblical meaning of butterflies in dreams. The Bible generally speaks of the butterfly as a symbol of transformation and rebirth.

There are different reasons why you dream of butterflies. This includes:

  • You worry about ongoing changes in your life.
  • You feel like you are changing yourself.
  • You expect bad things, and are constantly anxious.
  • You are in a mouring stage due to failed relationship. It could be romantic or friendly.
  • You somehow sense that you should let go of your past or a person close to you

Butterflies are very spiritual animals. The appearance of these magical insects is considered a special event.

When you dream of butterflies, the dream feels full of spiritual meanings and symbols. 

The biblical meaning of butterflies in dreams Is linked to the evolution of your mind, spiritual growth and conquest.

Butterflies can show you a clear way towards emotional freedom and self-respect.

The meaning of your night vision also depends on the phases of maturation a butterfly is currently in, as not all forms have the same meaning.

It also depends where exactly you saw this lovely animal in your dreams.

If you want to know what dark butterflies dream means in the bible isyou should continue reading this article.

I will discuss the meaning of many different color butterflies in dreams.


Dream Of Colorful Butterflies 

So, what do butterflies and their colors mean in dreams? Like I said before, the meaning could be way different based on their color.

But in general, butterflies are considered the symbols of evolution and change.

Dreaming about a butterfly often indicates that you are going through a major transformation in your life.

As you all know change is an inevitable part of our lives. Sometimes some hurdles go along with it. 

You might be facing problems in some areas of your life, depending on the context of the dream.

It is usually hard to accept new changes in your life.

The appearance of a colorful butterflies dream symbolizes a sign of your readiness and willingness to welcome new things.

It means that you are attaining a new outlook after a tough time. 

Monarch Butterfly Dream Meaning

Monarch Butterfly Dream

The monarch butterflies are one of the most interesting and beautiful species.

They are also one of the most recognized species of butterflies out there, due to their unique shade combination.

Dream of monarch butterfly can be a sign of your desires.

If you are feeling despair due to recent events, the probability of dreaming about monarch butterflies is quite high.

It could be a signal from a higher force for you to make peace with yourself.

Take a step back, and start prioritizing your own needs over others.

This type of night vision could also signal to you that you need to be courageous during hard times.

You need to let the harmful feelings go, as you cannot change the past, but you sure can influence your future!

Monarch butterfly in dreams should therefore inspire you to do great things in your life.

White Butterfly Dream Meaning

The meaning of your butterfly dream can differ a lot based simply on the color of the butterfly.

If you dream about a white butterfly, it denotes calmness and spiritual guidance. It is a symbol of hope and sturdiness, and you should keep your focus on long-term goals in life.

You should take it as a sign of higher force, that you should enjoy every moment of your life, regarding your past experiences.

Life is sacred, by all means!

Do not get distracted by everyday minor problems. If you know your direction you should never get demoralized by anything.

There is always a way for a completely fresh start in life. You need to learn how to adapt to any given situation and you will succeed.

yellow butterfly sitting on a flower

Black Butterfly In Dream

The one thing that needs to be clear right away is that a black butterfly in dreams is very rare. This night vision can be taken as a sign of something close to ending. 

For some people, it could mean that you need a better comprehension of things around you.

This thought is picked up from fables where a black butterfly or a black moth inside your living area could mean a rapid shift in the way you live.

If the black butterfly has additional unusual color patterns, then it can convey that it might take longer to achieve your goals than you may have expected.

You should pay more attention to things. It can indicate your new perspective towards dealing with the past as well.

Blue Butterfly In Dream

Biblical Meaning Of Butterflies In Dreams

A dream of a blue butterfly signifies clarity. Your plans are coming to life.

If you see a brightly blue-colored butterfly in dreams, it suggests that something pleasing or enjoyable will take place in your waking life.

In general, the color blue is associated with the ability for reaching greatness.

This usually implies that better days are ahead of you, so you have the ability to persist no matter the issue.

Keep in mind that the butterfly symbolizes a new path.

Yellow Butterfly Dream Meaning And Symbolism

The dream of yellow butterfly has long been associated with wealth. So, if you recently, dreamt of a yellow butterfly, it could indicate that fortune is on its way.

It can offer you guidance, but only in a short space of time. This is because symbolic and spiritual guidance is connected to the butterfly’s short life cycle.

Meaning the fortune and good luck could be short-lasting.

The appearance of a yellow butterfly in your dream is a promise of greater things to come in your waking life.

Take this moment and enjoy it.

Dream Of a Pink Butterfly

Pink butterfly dream meaning is related to the feeling of pleasure and sweetness. If you see a lively pink-colored one in your night vision, it could represent a happy lifestyle.

It represents the things and people in your life who are giving you enjoyment and satisfaction. It may be a gesture for you to pursue your dreams and turn your goals into reality.

Keep in mind that you should take it as a serious opportunity to turn your life better.

white butterfly on a lavender field

Dreaming Of Purple Butterfly

A purple butterfly in a dream can be related to a new friendship or even a relationship. You can expect to meet someone interesting enough, to influence your future.

It often implies the appearance of a new person in your life, but the one that could have a huge impact upon you.

Some interpretations suggest it could be a sign of good luck upon you as well. In short, they are definitely harbingers of good news.

Red Butterfly Dream Meaning

The color red alone is often interpreted as a sign of threat, however, it could also indicate other things like passion and energy. 

Red butterflies in dreams can present the initiation of a strong phase in your waking life, where emotions could get very wild.

You should be mentally prepared for the upcoming challenges, but the suggested outcome is positive. You should stay vigilant and focused, and you will prevail.

Think about the negative moments, that helped you grow better over time.

Butterflies are quite magical creatures. But dreaming of a red one is kind of a rare thing.

Still, it can help you to understand the wonders of life.

Orange Butterflies In Dreams

Not many people know this, but the orange butterfly is connected to our chakra.

Dreaming of an orange butterfly can show your deep understanding of yourself. That is the source of your pleasure and satisfaction.

The orange color is also associated with strong feelings of devotion and a sense of attachment. 

This may be also associated with enlightenment and the calmness within you. You should take this as a message for you to let go of your past.

Do not lose time by mourning past things in life. They might also indicate nurturing.

Brown Butterfly Dream Meaning

This particular night can indicate your life path and it signifies your beliefs, attitude, and self-awareness.

You should prioritize some things in your life, and turn your mind to the future, as the brown butterflies dream is representative of your uncovered potential.

two butterflies on grass

Dream About Silver Butterfly

Dream of a silver butterfly is revealing your true nature. You have a lot of empathy and understanding for other people.

You are also a highly spiritual individual, who recognizes holiness above all.

It mostly suggests your values for family bonds. You care about the people around you.

When you have imaginations like this, they are generally a sign of good fortune, but some right interpretations suggest retribution of some type.

What Does a Swarm Of Butterflies Mean In a Dream?

Many of you wanted to know the meaning of the dream of a swarm of butterflies. Let me explain its symbolism in simple words.

Butterflies are associated with strong willpower, a mental guide, and an inclination for advancement.

Dreaming of a swarm of butterflies means that you have the will to make favorable transformations in your life.

It could also denote a sentimental longing for a period in the past.

Additionally, this sign is associated with a change, especially if you are going through a stage when everything feels insecure.

Seeing a swarm of butterflies in your dream is a positive sign. It is a message that some good news is on the way.

Dream Of Butterflies Landing On You

The dream about butterflies landing on you represents a part of your physical nature that has a spiritual gift of manifestation.

It indicates that you are a master of manifestation and your manifestations turn into reality very quickly.

Your physical body is a vessel that helps bring your spiritual pursuits to the physical world.

So, dreaming of butterflies landing on you is a message that you have the wisdom, power, and abilities to convert your beliefs into your reality.

This is the time to listen to your inner-self. You know the next step you have to take and trust the process. 

Dead Butterfly Dream Meaning

what do butterflies mean in dreams

Many of you may not know this but in some cultures, the butterfly represents the process of passing, revival, and transformation. 

The dream about butterflies dying denotes the end of a significant cycle of your life.

It indicates that a new phase of your life has started.

In a way, it is telling you to close the door on your current chapter, so you can move on to the next chapter of your life. 

Dead butterfly dream meaning implies that it is a good time to leave your past behind.

This could involve changing your wardrobe, getting rid of items that bind you to certain memories.

It is also related to people who had wrong you or hurt you in the past. You need to let it go.

A dead butterfly symbolizes that there may be unpredictable changes in your life. 

The Dream About Butterflies And Moths 

Dreams about butterflies and moths together spiritually represent enjoyment, love, and revival.

The biblical meaning of seeing both these vertebrates is considered to be a true reflection of your inner-self. 

The presence of a moth in your dream can symbolize the fact that you are embarking on a spiritual phase in life. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Killing a Butterfly?

Killing a butterfly in a dream meaning can give rise to a lot of questions. There is no reason to kill these charming animals in waking life.

To see yourself killing butterflies in your dream is a signal that you need to regain control over your life. 

It must have been a while since you have let someone else make conclusions for you. Stop being so stubborn and let your family and friends help you.

Dreaming about killing butterflies can be considered as an alert sent from your subconscious mind.

It is suggesting you take matters into your own hands.

Dreams About Butterflies In The Water

If you have a dream about butterflies in water, it is a sure sign of your readiness and willingness to abide by new opinions and beliefs.

This suggests that you are able to adapt to others quickly, therefore making your life path easier.

Seeing butterflies in water in your dreams denotes your capability to convey your feelings.

It indicates your need to understand yourself and your roots.

The Dream About Butterflies In a House

This type of vision can symbolize transition, motivation, blessing, and liberty

They often represent affairs, longevity, spiritual nature, pleasure, and creativeness.

It could indicate your new way of thinking.

Dream of Butterfly Landing On My Hand

The butterfly landing on your hand is a symbol of love. This could symbolize a new relationship or an existing one strengthening.

According to the Chinese, a butterfly landing on you is a symbolism of romance and luck.

The Akan people think that a black butterfly sitting on your hand brings good luck.

This belief could also be linked to their consideration of the color black as a color for healing.

butterfly sitting on a hand

Is It Good Luck When a Butterfly Lands On You?

It all depends on the species of butterfly. Many cultures around the world associate different meanings with different kinds of butterflies.

The Greeks associated the butterfly with the souls of the dead. The Romans, however, considered them to be a symbol of transformation and rebirth.

In Christian thought, butterflies are often seen as symbols of resurrection and immortality.

In Japan, it’s believed that if a butterfly flies into your home and perches behind you or on your head, someone you love will die soon.

In Mexico and in parts of Africa, however, having a butterfly land on you is considered good luck!

What Does It Mean To Dream About Catching a Butterfly?

One of the common questions that I received is “what does it mean to dream about catching a butterfly?”

If you see yourself catching a butterfly, it indicates the perfect opportunity that is showing up in your waking life.

Soon you will witness what we call a “stars aligned” moment, and you should definitely seize it! Your happiness is there, waiting.

This dream is a lesson that guides you to be more secure with your decisions, so you can take the right path at a given moment.

Butterfly Necklace Dream Meaning

Butterfly necklace dream meaning is associated with male fertility and strength.

This imagination represents a unique situation where you might find your spiritual freedom. The butterfly necklace expresses the calm before the storm.

A line of communication is established between the subconscious and conscious aspects of yourself.

You need more transparency in your life.

Zhuangzi Butterfly Dream Interpretation

According to the Chinese philosophical classic Zhuangzi, the great Daoist thinker fell asleep one day and dreamed that he was a butterfly.

When he woke up, he did not know whether he was a man dreaming he was a butterfly or he was a butterfly dreaming he was a man. 

Zhuangzi butterfly dream definitely has an important philosophical point.

Our visions are convincing to the period that we believe it is real, as long as we are dreaming.

Butterfly Dream Meaning Islam

Let’s talk about the butterfly dream meaning Islam. Dreaming of a butterfly in Islam denotes unawareness or shortage of understanding with people.

It could also mean love, and sacrificing one’s life for others.

It also represents fear, fire worshipers, or a weak enemy who speaks big words. 

If a farmer dreams of butterflies, it represents hardships or consenting to evil by associating with evil companions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Do I Dream About Butterflies?

Butterflies are often related to change, and so dreams about them can mean your subconscious is trying to tell you something important.

What Happens When You Dream About Butterflies?

You may be preparing to release something that has been weighing you down, like negative thoughts or feelings.


From what I discussed above, it should be clear that butterflies flying dream could indicate different things, based on the color of the butterfly and what exactly you dreamt about.

But in general, it indicates a major change or transformation that’s coming your way.

So, if you have been dreaming about butterflies lately, you should prepare yourself for the big change.

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