What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elephants?

Elephants are the earth’s biggest and most recognized animals, and the chances of having a dream about them are quite big. So, what does it mean when you dream about these majestic animals?

Having a dream about elephants could mean a variety of things, as they are among the wisest animals on our planet, capable of expressing their feelings. Seeing them in dreams implies that you are a positive person, but very sensitive to emotions. Your feelings can easily overwhelm you.

So, even though they are giant animals, they are emotionally quite fragile. If you would like to understand these dreams better, I would suggest that you give this article a read.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elephants are a symbol of strength and power in many cultures, and dreaming about them can represent your desire for these qualities in your own life.
  • This can also be a sign of good luck and prosperity, especially in Eastern cultures where the elephant is revered as a sacred animal.
  • Alternatively, it can represent a feeling of being overwhelmed or burdened by something in your life, as elephants are large and heavy animals.
  • In some cases, these dreams may be a message from the subconscious mind to slow down and take a more patient, deliberate approach to life.

The Dream About Elephants Meaning And Interpretation

elephants spiritual meaning in dreams

The dream about elephants can have huge spiritual importance. In many civilizations, they are believed to be sacred animals in dreams.

Their attributes, height, and weight make them unique and highly symbolic animals. They depict a symbol of strength, fortune, knowledge, social relations, and equilibrium.

The appearance of this animal in dreams could convey some big issues that will arise in your life that you simply cannot ignore. These issues may be related to big life decisions that will determine your destiny.

So, these dreams can be both good and bad. Depending on your life circumstances, it can be specified what they are trying to signal to you.

The regular themes in elephant dreams include: 

  • Strength
  • Courage to deal with issues
  • Intelligence and fortune
  • Devotion
  • Motivation
  • Composure

In many customs and civilizations, elephants symbolize understanding, serendipity, and security. They evolve very strong social links with their herd over their life. This often symbolizes companionship, social bonds, and family roots.

In energetics, they are related to the root chakra, which relates to physical protection, health, optimism, and wealth. They replace that energy with a sense of security and conviction. These animals can also symbolize force and stability. 

1. Symbol Of Power, Strength, And Intelligence

Elephants can be a powerful symbol of strength and power. They are often seen as a representation of wisdom and intelligence, especially when you see them flying in your vision.

This could indicate that you are capable of overcoming obstacles or difficulties with ease or grace. It may also signify an ability to see into the future and harness the great potential for success.

From a spiritual standpoint, dreaming of a flying elephant might suggest inner knowledge or personal growth on your part.

Additionally, it could mean that you have access to a deeper understanding beyond what we perceive as reality.

2. Reflection Of The Dreamer’s Personality Traits

Seeing an elephant in sleep can be a reflection of the dreamer’s personality traits. These are often seen as wise, powerful, and loyal creatures.

Therefore, dreaming about them may represent qualities such as strength, courage, determination, and stability in the dreamer.

It could also mean that they have strong opinions or values which they feel passionate about defending.

The dream might also suggest that the dreamer needs to take responsibility for their actions or think more carefully before making decisions.

3. Sign Of Fertility, Luck, And Abundance

An elephant can also be a powerful sign of fertility, luck, and abundance. According to some sources, the number of dreams about them has increased by as much as 30% in recent years.

This could indicate that people are looking for more guidance and understanding when it comes to their own personal development.

When you dream of a baby elephant or see one giving birth in your dream, this is often seen as a symbol of new beginnings and fresh starts.

It may also suggest that you’re entering into a period where good fortune will come your way if you take advantage of the opportunities around you.

4. A Need For Protection And Stability

A dream featuring elephants can sometimes signify a need for protection and stability in your life.

This may be particularly true if you have recently experienced upheaval or instability, such as the loss of a job or a break-up with a partner.

In these cases, the animal could symbolize the hope that things will eventually get better and more secure.

On a deeper level, however, these animals are often seen as representing strength, reliability, and power – all of which provide comfort during uncertain times.

The presence of this majestic creature in your dreamscape might also signal that it is time to take stock of the various relationships in your life.

They represent loyalty and fidelity so they may suggest that it’s necessary to ensure those around you are trustworthy and supportive partners who truly have your best interests at heart.

5. Sign Of a Heavy Burden Or Responsibility

Dreaming of elephants in your house can be a sign that you are carrying a heavy burden or responsibility. Like the giant animal, these dreams may symbolize something large and overwhelming that is on your mind.

It could also represent an obstacle or challenge that needs to be overcome. Here are 4 things to consider when interpreting this dream:

  • Are there any current issues in your life that feel like too much for you to handle?
  • Is someone relying on you heavily for support?
  • Are you bearing the weight of guilt about a certain situation?
  • Do you need to take action soon but lack the courage to do so?

It’s important to reflect deeply on what elements of your life might relate back to the dream interpretation. If it was an elephant attack in the dream, then it suggests feelings of being attacked or overwhelmed by challenges in waking life.

I would recommend considering if anything has been weighing down on you lately and how best to cope with it.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elephants Chasing You?

These large animals have been a source of fascination and fear for people all over the world, and many of us dream about them.

It’s not surprising, given that they are huge and powerful creatures with a long history of being used as beasts of burden, but also as symbols of strength and wisdom.

A lot of times when people have dreams about elephants chasing them, it can be because they feel like their lives are out of control or that there’s something big happening in their lives.

In other cases, it may mean that someone close to them is going through something difficult such as losing their job or dealing with an illness.

However, it could mean that someone or something is trying to control you or put pressure on you.

So, if you are asking yourself “Why did I dream of an elephant chasing me”, you should rather ask yourself what or who did that specific animal represent.

Elephant Attack

The elephant attack meaning represents the desire to escape. This is a powerful animal and it can represent the strength of your emotions.

It could also be a sign that there are some issues in your life that are causing you stress or anxiety.

Perhaps there are some problems with family members or friends that are bothering you greatly. Maybe there is something going on at work that has been stressing you out as well.

Whatever it may be, this dream may be warning you that these issues need to be dealt with immediately before they affect your health or happiness any further!

Dead Elephant

Seeing a dead elephant can be a very disturbing dream. These are holy animals and dreaming of them dying simply cannot mean anything good.

In dreams, death doesn’t refer to physical death. But rather, it represents big transformations and shifts to a higher understanding. 

This symbolizes anguish due to a big shift in fairness, politics, finances, and overall safety and stability in your everyday life. 

If you dreamed of seeing one dying in front of you, it could mean that your own inner strength was dying. This vision is about being able to adapt to changes. You should ready yourself for sorrow, huge challenges, and pain.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Riding an Elephant?

In the simplest terms, riding an elephant in sleep means that you’re looking for guidance and direction in your life.

You want to be able to find your way forward in life, and this dream is telling you that it’s time to take charge of your own destiny.

These are incredibly strong animals and they can carry hundreds of pounds on their backs. So, in this sense, riding one means that you have the strength within yourself to do whatever it takes to get where you want to go in life.

However, they also represent patience and wisdom. They are not known for charging into things without thinking first.

So, this dream represents your fierce aura. It means this is a good time to start a new project or work towards attaining your long-term goals.

Elephant In Water

If you dream of an elephant in water, it’s a sign you should be careful about the way you’re treating your body. This is a warning that you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to perform well in your day-to-day activities.

You might be struggling with a situation where you feel like you don’t have enough power to make things work out the way you need them to.

This is a common dream for people who are new parents or people who are going through a divorce or other significant life changes.

Elephants Swimming

When you see elephants swimming, it’s a sign that you’re ready to let go of some of your baggage. You might be feeling burdened by responsibilities, or perhaps you are struggling with a relationship or friendship.

Whatever it is, this animal’s ability to swim can help you navigate the waters of your life so that you can keep moving forward.

If they look like they are struggling, however, this could mean that there are some challenges ahead that will require extra effort and perseverance.

The good news is that this dream means that there’s a lot of potential for good things to come your way. If you’ve been feeling stagnant or trapped by life circumstances, it could be a sign that change is coming soon!

Herd Of Elephants

dream about elephants meaning and symbolism

Seeing a herd of elephants in a dream is a sign of gains and quantity. It also indicates general well-being. These dreams have a very positive note. 

The appearance of a herd also implies that you are a piece of a great group of people. You are making the right judgments about your social life.

However, if you dream about running away from the herd, it may suggest that there are a lot of rivals around you.

It also implies that they are much more powerful and influential than you. Such a dream indicates that you could actually fight them, but you lack self-esteem.

Angry Elephant In Dream

An angry elephant could be an indication of nervousness or pressure. In most cases, it reveals suppressed feelings of anger.

It means you have a deeply concealed emotion of denial and bitterness that has grown over time. Symbolically it manifests as one of the biggest animals on the planet in dreams.

You may be repressing some of the feelings that now overwhelmed you. Seeking professional help with deep pain may be beneficial in this kind of situation. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Elephants In Dreams

Now let’s talk about the spiritual meaning of elephants in dreams.  These animals carry a lot of physical energy, which is related to the 1st-3rd chakras.

These chakras are all about individualism, survival, healthiness, incarnation, and obstructions in life. This can be broken down into the following pointers:

  • Motivation

This animal appearing in dreams can be a spiritual message about the great ideas and motivation that you have. 

  • Fortune and positivity

Elephants in dreams represent fortune and success that is yet to come your way. They are most often considered a sign of positivity.

  • Sense of overburden

Some dreams can cause negative emotions or stress as well. They can surface feelings of tension, suspicion, and being overburdened.  In the dreams where you sense the concern, an elephant usually represents a big obstacle ahead.

  • Tough decisions

Elephants appearing in dreams can also mark big issues that you are yet to face in life. They will need resolution quickly.

  • Regrets from past

Dreaming of an elephant could be brought up by a memory that is there in your subconscious mind. It can be a sign that the same experience is likely to occur and that you should learn from your previous errors.

Biblical Meaning Of Elephant In Dream

The Biblical meaning of elephant in dream is that you are experiencing feelings of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety.

The Bible says that the animal symbolizes strength, power, and protection. You may be experiencing a sense of being strong and powerful but also feel vulnerable or fragile.

In the Old Testament book of Jeremiah, God used an elephant to demonstrate his power over all living things by showing how he could make them bow down to him.

In this way, they were seen as symbols of God’s authority over all creation – including humans.

There are many different interpretations of what an elephant in a dream means, but most people agree that it represents strength and wisdom.

So if you’re having these dreams, it may be that you need to learn how to trust God and let go of your fears so that He can show you His strength and protection!

White Elephant

There are many different interpretations of these dreams, but they all have one thing in common: they are trying to tell you something about your life or your future.

The white elephant is a symbol of good fortune and happiness. It is a sign that you will someday achieve great wealth.

This symbol has its origins in mythology and lore, where it was believed that anyone who came across this creature would be blessed with good fortune and prosperity.

It also represents peace and serenity in your life. You may feel like there is no cause for concern or worry when it comes to your life or work situation because everything is going smoothly for now!

Black Elephants

A black elephant represents a number of different things. It can represent fear, anger, or even death, but it is also associated with wisdom and spiritual power because it’s considered to be a wise animal.

If you are having these visions, it means that there is something going on in your life right now, that is causing you fear or anxiety.

You might be worried about something happening and not being able to control it; this could be anything from losing your job to having a medical emergency.

The symbolism is also a reminder of a memory that is seeded deep inside your mind. It can point to some unresolved matters in your life.

Blue Elephant

The blue elephant represents a different type of understanding. It usually indicates that you are looking at a situation from a new perspective.

You may be learning new information, or you may be seeing things differently than you have in the past. It can also mean that you are trying to understand yourself better and see how your behavior affects others.

But in some cases, these dreams can also represent an issue that is bothering you but that you have not yet addressed.
It is important for you to examine what is bothering you before it gets worse.

Green Elephant

This animal is a symbol of fertility, renewal, and growth. It represents your ability to overcome obstacles and find joy in your life.

It also symbolizes wisdom, compassion, and peace. If you are having this dream, it means that you need to take care of yourself and be kinder to others. It is a gentle creature that does not harm anyone or anything unless it feels threatened.

Its presence in your dreams is an indication that someone or something has upset you recently but there is nothing to worry about because the situation will be resolved soon enough.

Elephant In Dream Astrology

The elephant in dream astrology illustrates a very decisive symbol of wisdom, longing, and relationship. It is also connected with fertility. If you dream about one just standing there, it means that your insight is growing.

If you are encountering a desperate situation right now, this dream could suggest that there is always hope. You shouldn’t give up just yet.

Elephants are frequently linked with memories as well. This is because they have a very good memory.

The vision of the animal in your dreams could be guiding your attention to a specific detail in your life that has been ignored.

You should pay more attention to your dream to interpret the meaning better.

Seeing an Elephant In Dream: Is It Good Or Bad?

So, is seeing an elephant in dream good or bad? Well, this depends entirely on the whole context of the dream. Sometimes, it is a sign of positivity, and other times it can be a sign of negative things that are about to happen.

To interpret the meaning of your dream you must remember the context. If needed, you should write it down, so you won’t forget it.


A dream about elephant can be both exciting and intimidating. It is a dream that conjures up a variety of meanings, from power and strength to fertility and abundance.

To interpret what this vision could mean for you personally, consider your feelings during the dream as well as any other symbols or elements present in it.

No matter which interpretation resonates most with you, understanding the meaning behind these powerful animals can provide insight into your current situation.

Remember: it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed when interpreting such complex symbolism within our dreams,  just keep exploring and reflecting upon them until they make sense!

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